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About Us

We are a relatively small breeding facility located in Oregon and we currently breed the largest selection of mutation colors in the US, INCLUDING Both Recessive and Sex-Linked Lutino and Albino, along with DE Yellow and White. We are proud members of:

The American Federation of Aviculture, The Avicultural Society of America, The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors, The Northwest Bird Club,, The National Finch and Softbill Society, The Cavalry Group and The Quaker Parakeet Society.

These groups and organizations all work toward standards of excellence in keeping, caring for, and breeding exotic birds in captivity, as well as keeping them for personal companions. We encourage everyone to check out these organizations and hopefully join with us.

Quakers first entered my life in 1971, when I traded two baby Cockatiels for a Pair of imported wild Quakers who had fallen in love and chosen to bond with each other in a large group of other Quakers... That pair promptly presented us with a clutch of adorable babies, and the love affair began!

Those fat faced little darlings were so cute, and so extremely responsive to our affection, that they quickly became favorites with all who saw them. At first, the baby Quakers we raised were sold as pets, and we frequently heard stories of their uncanny intelligence and subsequent charming antics. It soon became quite apparent that they definitely had a place as companion birds for bird lovers of all ages...

Then, in 1989, we managed to acquire some Blue Mutation Quakers. These Blue Quakers were very rare in the US at that time, and we soon had many requests to supply other breeders with stock for their aviaries. These requests prompted us to change from working with pet stock , to producing a limited number of Quality Breeding Stock for other Aviculturists to work with.

In 1993, it was possible for us to import a few specimens of the Cinnamon Mutation from Europe. That enabled us to introduce the Cinnamon Blue and Cinnamon Green Quakers to US Aviculture. A few years ago this mutation was reclassified, and is currently known as Pallid.

Since that time, we have had the distinction of establishing the FIRST recessive Lutino, Albino, and Grey Factor Quakers in the US.

CURRENTLY, we are working to establish a Turquoise Color series that spontaneously appeared from some of our Grey Factor stock!

You will note that we do not list prices... This is due to the fact that they can vary according to availability, and what is purchased at any given time. We do offer Quantity/Package pricing according to individual needs and requests.

It is also important to note that we do not sell un-weaned or pet birds. All Birds we sell are fully weaned and DNA sex determined. We usually ship via Delta Airlines from PDX in Portland, Oregon, with other options available according to individual customer needs/requests.

We hope you enjoy our site. Please know that we are always willing to communicate and discuss Quakers! They are a way of life here!

...Bob Nelson

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